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Diamond-Cut Guide To Life (in 64 words)

February 24th, 2013 by Alison · 7 Comments · sustainability

Less shopping, more nature    

Less email, more conversation

Less junk food, more real food

Less TV, more reading

Less driving, more walking and biking

Less stuff,  more space

Less alcohol, more money saved

Less waste, more energy conservation

Less compulsiveness, more contentment

Less oil energy, more wind and solar energy

Less driving alone, more carpooling and vanpooling

Less fear-based religion, more love-based religion

- And that’s my 64 word summary of the diamond-cut life that I keep working to build, the life that takes care of both people and planet, both present and future generations.

. I got this general format idea of “less this, more that” from the helpful blog Zen Habits. Its author, like me, encourages readers to use and circulate what we write.

What would you like less of and more of in your life?

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