Changing To Thursday Posts

By Sunday, September 14, 2014 0 0

Good morning! Starting this week, I’ll be posting on Thursdays, instead of Sundays.

The reason is that I want to get back to the swell old-timey concept of Sunday being a day of rest. (While I love to write, it’s not the same as resting.)

My next full post will be Thursday, September 18th. It’s called “How To Find And Keep A Sherpa”. I’m having a lot of fun writing it; it’s light-hearted, on the zany side, like I’m In Love – His Name Is Wes!, and Who You Calling A Hippie?

On the energy-conservation front, we’ve got a string of 90 degree days here in Portland, but are managing to stay cool without an air conditioner: here’s how. See you Thursday.

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