Passion, Lost And Found

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Passion is a key way of being rich in what matters. When we’re passionate, we’re connected to our life’s purpose. We’re on track. Most likely, we’re contributing.

Do you ever get separated from your passion? I do.  I’ve been passionate for seven years and 626 posts about writing this blog. But I’ve been discouraged about readership for some time. At the beginning of 2014 I’d set a goal of adding 500 new subscribers. And I haven’t even come close to reaching that. And the discouragement has dented my passion for writing. Why write if few are reading regularly?

Losing my passion for writing is like the time I lost my favorite sweater in 2006, a slim-fitting light green cardigan. I felt beautiful in it — so few garments hide all of one’s flaws. I’d reach for it in the morning. And it Just. Wasn’t. There. Ouch.

Many of you know that last month I started giving away 541 Threads t-shirts to new subscribers to my blog, plus existing subscribers who spoke up. The most recent winner was Dani R., a long-time subscriber to Diamond-Cut Life. Here is what she wrote me two days ago:

. . . I gifted the 541 Threads T-shirt to my husband’s cousin, Jane.  Jane has been having a difficult time. She has been in insecure housing for quite awhile, as her and her partner’s joint income could not be stretched to meet even their basic needs. However, her partner’s VA disability compensation has recently come through and they now have enough for basic housing, food and transportation again.  Obviously, clothes haven’t been a high priority. So Jane is really happy to have the T-shirt.

Thank you so much for this generous gift!  I particularly love that it is coming from you since I love your blog so much.  It is one of a very small number of blogs that I read regularly.  It’s thought-provoking, with lots of helpful tips. It has soul. Many thanks again Alison.

I read Dani’s words and felt tears forming in my eyes and warmth spreading in my body.

Dani  had found my writing-passion and returned it to me. This was better than the slim-fitting light green cardigan turning up in a lost and found box. Which never happened, incidentally. Not everything that we lose gets found. Which makes people like Dani and Jane so precious. 

I shared Dani’s words with my  friend and long-time reader Colleen Kaleda, who is a writer, herself. Colleen’s response:

That’s what I love about publishing one’s writing … you never fully know its impact, but the possibility of impact is always there. That’s what keeps me motivated [to write]. 

Amen, Colleen.

 What is your  passion, your equivalent of my writing? Have you ever lost your passion and then found it again? Who or what helped you find it?

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  • Grnpwrguy
    November 21, 2014

    How wonderfully human, real human needs and desires, this really touched me!

  • Jen
    November 21, 2014

    It is hard to stay passionate. I find it really does ebb and flow. The challenge to me, is when it is ebbing, how do I keep that time from holding me back or hurting my efforts? I’d love to win a tshirt! Sounds like a cool organization that makes them. Thanks for sharing YOUR passion and thanks for your authenticity amidst the ebb and flow.

  • Sam
    November 22, 2014

    Alison, my passion is growing food. In April of each year, I’m very passionate about it. Come September, the passion has turned to tired, but always returns in time to plant seeds again in late winter. I think it’s normal for all passions to ebb and flow. My other passion is playing old time music. I’ll play for weeks and weeks, and then suddenly, I’m burned out and don’t pick up my bass for a month. Why is that? Part of it for me at least, seems to be because I compare myself to someone that’s better at gardening or playing bass, and the self talk settles in, reminding me I’m not so hot after all…time passes, and I regain my sense of self and move on. I really enjoy your blog and your honesty. Thanks!

    • Alison
      November 22, 2014

      I love hearing about your passions and their ebb and flow, Sam. My favorite sentence of yours: “time passes, and I regain my sense of self and move on.” That resonates, that we periodically lose our sense of self, and then regain it. And, great to hear that you enjoy my blog. I hope to hear more of your reflections in future.

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