Are You A Cultural Creative?

If you’ve landed here at Diamond-Cut Life, the chances are good that you’re a cultural creative. I learned not long ago that I am one. This outside-the-box group is almost 25% of the U.S. population, according to extensive research done by Sherry Ruth Anderson and Paul H. Ray. Here are the main characteristics of cultural creatives:

  • love of nature
  • emphasis on relationships
  • not materialistic, money-driven,  or likely to be in debt
  • artistic inclinations
  • interest in spirituality and personal growth
  • desire for equality of women / feminist bent
  • habit of volunteering / helping
  • lively interest in other cultures, countries and customs
  • concern for planet-wide issues like global warming and poverty
  • willingness to pay higher taxes if it benefits society
  • concerned about the high costs of large corporate profits

Some cultural creatives may identify, with ironic humor, as hippies. Or, other people may call them hippies (I had fun dealing with the hippie monicker last spring). The point of identifying cultural creatives as a group, though, is that we’re a large and growing segment of societyyet we don’t tend to know how widespread our values are. Mainstream culture is loud and commands the airways. We need to find and gather our voices, and own our  power to create positive change. Diamond-Cut Life is devoted to doing that. The book I just now posted at the top of Books I Love is a novel about a society crafted by cultural creatives. It’s a great read. And, my novel that is coming out this summer, Revelle, is also about a cultural creative.

Are you a cultural creative, too?

  • Shakira Abdul-Ali
    July 10, 2012

    Yes! I, too, am a Cultural Creative! Glad to meet you!

  • Sherry Ruth Anderson
    July 8, 2013

    I would very much appreciate it if you could provide a hyperlink to my name, where you quote from The Cultural Creatives book, to my new website:
    Many thanks!

    • Alison
      July 9, 2013

      Done! Glad you visited and suggested this, Sherry. I just visited your site. It’s wonderful.

  • Carolyn
    December 31, 2013

    Yes… I would say I could fall into that category but I also am an entrepreneur and working on business in traditional and MLM ways.

    I have a diamond-cut path ! See It is a eight step sequence that helps people move from isolation to connection.

    Would love to talk to you sometime. I lived in Eugene Oregon, studying with a meditation group there. My sister is in Corvallis and working on a family business that redirects corporate dollars to community.

    • Alison
      January 1, 2014

      Carolyn, I’m happy you came to visit!

      Steps that help people move from isolation to connection sounds like really good work on your part. Something our culture badly needs.
      And definitely a diamond-cut path.

      I think chatting with each other is a fine idea.I just emailed you with my phone number.

      I just visited your Facebook page and “liked” it. I had the honor of helping you break into the triple-digit realm :) Just in case you’d like to help me do the same, here’s my FB page No pressure, of course. :)


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