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But I Wanted A Better Winner!

December 30th, 2012 by Alison · 5 Comments · sustainability

Happy New Year! In this long-awaited post I’m announcing the winner of the gift-card contest. But I’m a little conflicted about it.   $50 Amazon gift card

Here is how I did my drawing for the $50 gift card (you might need to do one someday, plus, I don’t want to get sued for malpractice, or whatever you call a rigged drawing). I assigned a number, starting with one, to each person who started subscribing to DCL since I announced the contest. Then everyone who completed the survey got assigned a number, on up to 105. (This way people got entered twice, with two numbers, if they were the go-getter, powerball types who both subscribed and also got surveyed).

Then I cast around here in the lobby of the Hood River Hotel, which Thor and I are visiting, for some helpful person to randomly choose a number for me. (Yes, I know that Excel can choose random numbers, but Diamond-Cut Life is about leaning on human relationships rather than impersonal technology to solve our problems). “ Ma’am, yes you ma’am, over there on the couch! I need your help, please”  I called out warmly. And the kind soul cohabiting the lounge by the fireplace with me chose the number 17.

The only problem is that the person linked to number 17 did not give his email address (though he indicated earlier he was male). He wrote this note instead: “I don’t want the gift card, would rather you put the money toward a modest television set”.

Well, I like this anonymous person’s un-grabby, generous spirit.  It’s possible he’s been at one of my parties, since he knows we don’t have a TV (I’m pretty sure I haven’t blogged about my TV-free status). But, Mr. Survey-Taker Number 17:. I don’t want a TV, thanks. I did have a TV for much of my life, and I don’t recall it creating any better a quality of life than I have now (I am quite happy). Plus, we can always watch the occasional worthwhile offering, like, say, a presidential debate, on our laptops.

So, I need more help in number-choosing. The lobby has emptied out, I hope not because I’ve been accosting people, which leaves the desk clerk, a disgruntled-looking young lass with an impressive mane of black hair. My request is not one she has heard yet in her short career, but she rallies to the occasion. “86,” she declares, idly  examining a fingernail painted to match her hair. “Thank you!” I beam at her. My laptop tells me that 86 corresponds to [a bizarre email address] at spamgourmet.com. I learn that spamgourmet.com is a site that generates disposable email addresses so as to avoid spam. So, it’s a disposable address itself, obviously coded for this little contest, and it will evidently forward emails received, if they are not spam, to the person’s real address. Makes my head spin.

Not a fun winner. Now I’ve got to send an email to the hoked-up email address with the news of the $50 Amazon gift card.  I hate to whine, but OK, as much as I’m grateful for any and all readers,  I am totally whining:  I liked the first winner better, the altruistic guy who wanted in his sweetly misguided way to finance a modest TV for me. That’s the kind of nonmaterialistic person I would like to see win a contest. If the winner of this ding-dang gift card mistakes me for spam and ignores me I’ll be back to accosting people here in the lobby of the Hood River Hotel. “Sir! Yes, you on the couch by the fire, sir! Please choose a random numbers between 1 and 105, but forget 17, and forget 86, and . . . ”

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  • Jen

    Alison- you are succeeding in giving me a nice good laugh this evening. I love the complications- for something that seems so simple. Sounds like you are making the best of it as always!

    • Alison

      Jen, it’s good to hear that you see me as resilient (making the best of a situation). Resiliency is something I’m working to cultivate in myself.

  • LeRainDrop

    If that is really the e-mail address that the winner gave, then you probably just violated your own privacy promise to the entrants. Also, you seem ungrateful to have new people following your blog. Unsubscribe.

    • Alison

      Good point about email privacy, LeRainDrop. I just went back in and removed the details of the email address. Then I got an email from the winner, who said he (or maybe it’s a she) got a good laugh out of the post, and will be happy for the gift card. Readers and subscribers? I’m grateful for all of them. They’ll come and go, though, for many reasons. I’m at peace with that fact. Glad you checked in.

  • Dana Whitson

    I’d like to chime in here and agree w/ “contestant # 17.”
    We live in an era/culture that offers us numerous technologies which, used wisely, can greatly enhance our lives. The key is in how we utilize these tools.
    I reject this notion that shunning the tv altogether enriches our lives. It is just another medium from which we can benefit when used “appropriately.”
    Smart phones (and the internet in general) are, in many ways, just replacing the downsides of excessive television viewing…except now, it’s portable. Lots of crap to get caught up into w/ both mediums…but there is good stuff too!
    There is nothing wrong w/ watching a football game, a documentary/movie, or a favorite tv drama/comedy/talkshow etc. The key is in how we balance tv use in our day to day lives.
    With a dvr, you can program only those programs you deem worthwhile to watch and then view them on your own schedule.
    Anyway, and I mention this respectfully, it was just refreshing to read that not all of your readers shun television viewing altogether.
    Obviously, there are two of us that don’t…I wonder if #17 watches Big Brother or Honey Boo Boo…

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