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A Beautiful Marriage of Dance And Sport

November 11th, 2009 by Alison · 1 Comment · entertainment, global warming and climate change

I’m enchanted to read about “Battle of the Blades”, the Canadian TV show that pairs champion ice dancers with professional hockey players. The artistic athletes do ice-dance routines in a competition format similar to “Dancing With The Stars” — and have quickly reached similar popularity.

Why am I enchanted? At least two reasons:  Dance and sport are beautiful things, lyrical and powerful things respectively, the yin and yang at the core of life, and they yearn to be married, yet rarely get to be. That’s what I believe. I notice that Tie Domi, as aggressive on the ice as hockey players come, I gather, choked up while making emotional farewell remarks after completing his ice dancing. I imagine he was moved by the beauty of his experience, of bridging the worlds of dance and sport, the rarely joined yin and yang.

The second reason I’m enchanted by this marriage of dance and sport is that it centers in the human body, rather than machines powered by fossil fuels. That means it emits few of the carbon emissions that drive global warming. Like many of the best things in life, dance and sport were done by people for many thousands of years before we discovered fossil fuels, and they’ll exist in some form long after our fossil fuels have run out.

Congratulations to the Canadians.

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  • alli

    Speaking of dancing, tomorrow is the warm-up, I understand, to next year’s big 50th celebration. Happy 49th on Friday the 13th, dear Ali! Like the Artist Formerly Known As Whatever His Name is Today said, “Celebrate like you’re still in your 40s!” or something to that effect. :-)

    (From one who’s leading the way chronologically, it really does keep getting better. :-) )

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