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The Best Things In Life: Part II

October 25th, 2011 by Alison · No Comments · home & garden, nature, simplicity

This is a guest post by my friend Allison Hamilton.  Allison lives in the country and skillfully grows an amazing variety of vegetables and fruit trees, when she isn’t creating award-winning solar energy projects. She calls me Ali. I love the way she’s deepened the conversation on the best things in life.

I love this post, even though I don’t necessarily agree with one part of it. Ali’s writing is beautiful and flowing and timeless.

I would posit that all who are alone are not lonely. People have different levels of desire for social interaction, some great, some slight. I live out in the country where I – and most of my neighbors – have a lesser desire. It’s what called us out here to begin with, I think: solitude. I crave solitude like Ali craves community. And since there isn’t cable TV out here, and satellites don’t work (we tried during football season a few years ago), we don’t sit and watch TV either. Late in the evenings after all work is done, we mostly read, or talk. Sometimes we play games, but not that often.

This time of year we’re firing up the woodstove again, as temps dip below 40. This is a favorite time of year for me – sitting in front of the fire, smelling apples and pears drying in the back room, reading (or tonight, writing here on Ali’s blog), and listening to the rain falling outside. The dogs are snoring.

I love this life. It may sound boring or slow, but to me it’s anything but. It’s a chance to savor life at a pace of my choosing…each moment passing at its own pace.

I recognise that this is what Ali is doing too, savoring life at her pace, her choosing.

There’s a saying, “It is good to be reminded that not all have the same dream.” …Humans are obviously widely diverse in our wants, desires and needs.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my view, Ali!

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