Bright Shiny Objects, Part II

By Thursday, October 18, 2012 4 0

Last Sunday I posted on the Habitat For Humanity fundraiser I attended. I felt it was dominated by bright shiny objects, and was straying from its mission of affordable housing, co-built by people of all income levels, with materialism and elitism. Not surprisingly, some commenters (fellow attendees and friends of mine) had a differing opinion. So I ...

Bright Shiny Objects

By Sunday, October 14, 2012 3 0

I went to a Habitat For Humanity fundraiser at the Nines here in Portland on Friday night, excited because I love their mission of building stable, affordable housing for low-income families. My husband and I have donated steadily to Habitat over the last five years. But I came away disillusioned, blinded by the event's bright shiny objects. The items ...

A Disposition Of The Heart

By Sunday, April 22, 2012 0 0

It was never intended to be an elaborate belief system. It was intended to be a disposition of the heart. -- On Christianity, paraphrased from Diana Butler Bass. What helps you to come from your heart? It's a more risky place to live than the head, because our hearts can get broken. Focusing on rules and ...

Consuming Jesus

By Friday, February 15, 2008 0 0

My definition of happiness — the diamond-cut life — involves integrity as well as joy. And integrity was what I heard from evangelical Dr. Paul Metzger as he confronted the shortcomings of conservative Christianity in his book Consuming Jesus at his reading and discussion at Powells Books here in Portland the night before last.

The major shortcoming of modern evangelism and particularly megachurches is “giving people what they want

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