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Giveaway of “The Beauty Experiment”

December 12th, 2013 by Alison · 3 Comments · books, simplicity

Happily for me, lots of my girlfriends read Diamond-Cut Life. (And if you’re not one of my girlfriends, I’m wide open to that situation changing).

This post is for all of my current and potential girlfriends in the world — in other words, it’s for all women and girls, everywhere.*

I’m giving away a copy of a cool new book I’m reading: “The Beauty Experiment”, by Phoebe Baker Hyde.  To get into the drawing for “The Beauty Experiment”, subscribe via email to Diamond-Cut Life, on your right.

Ms. Hyde presents herself, with hilariously detailed stories, as an appearance-obsessed  woman who decides things have got to change. She spends a year without any beauty products, styled hair or new clothes, and virtually no jewelry.

The year is challenging, but life-giving. Ms. Hyde eventually gets grounded in the fact that she is beautiful intrinsically. wrinkles, worry-lines and all.

I call that being rich in what matters.

To get into the drawing for “The Beauty Experiment”, subscribe via email to Diamond-Cut Life, on your right. Takes about 30 seconds. You’ll promptly receive a verification email; click inside it to complete. Easy to unsubscribe with a click any time. You’ll receive my posts, typically once a week, on Sundays. (If you already subscribe via email and want to be in the drawing, just tell me so in a comment on this post.)

I’m doing the drawing for the giveaway on Sunday, January 26th, the same day I’m publishing my full review of “The Beauty Experiment”.  For suggestions of good books to read or give as Christmas gifts, please see my book-recommendations page.

Warm thanks to Jen Forbus and TLC Book Tours for asking me to read and review “The Beauty Experiment”.

* If you’re a guy, I think this book would reeeeally help you understand the girls and women in your life better, while also entertaining you. I find it to be a page-turner.

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  • Mike

    Thank you for the asterisk addendum at the end, Alison! I’ve been a Subscriber since summer and definitely want to enter the contest! Thank you for the awesome give-away! I’m still pondering being your girlfriend as it’s gonna be tough to pull that off. But, I’m always in touch with my feminine side if that will suffice! :)

  • Debra Yearwood

    It’s so silly how preoccupied we can become with what really are decorations. My friends laugh because I put on lipstick in the morning and consider that putting on make-up. Having said that, I’m not at all sure I would be able to go a whole year without any products. It’s a good question to ask ourselves. Why do I think I “need” this stuff?

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