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A few notes on a variety of things before I introduce Deb: I’m leaving this morning on a two-night trip to the high desert town of Bend to do research on transportation options in Central Oregon . . . . . . Peter Schoonmaker, the director of the Ilahee environmental lecture series, told me my post on The Nature of Desire was a “great review of Susan’s talk” . . . .  I just added another book to Books I Love.

Deb, a steady reader of Diamond-Cut Life, wrote a comment on The Peak of Happiness that is so clear and lucid I see it as a mini-post that stands on its own.

Deb writing: When I reflect on life from the ripe old age of 47 (:grin:) I realize that some of my happiest days were when I was working my way through college. I didn’t even own a credit card, drove a run down ancient Honda, shared housing, and only shopped for clothing or other items when absolutely necessary. I was frugal as could be, and usually nearly broke. But my life was filled with goals, experiences, meaningful work, and much camaraderie.

I’d rate myself a 5-6 right now, and am envious of YOUR 9-10! I’d like to expand my social and networking horizons, especially now that I telecommute and spend all day at home alone working (for which I am very grateful). Another challenge is that we moved to a small town just this winter, which has been quite an adjustment.

My own experience is that most material items, beyond basic necessities, give me very little real happiness. When we were packing to move, I couldn’t believe the amount of meaningless stuff I had accumulated – purging much of that stuff was such a liberating experience!

Alison here again: Building The Web of Community gives practical tips for the very common problem Deb describes of needing more community in our overly individualistic U.S. culture.

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